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AAREA Forum Cancelled

Due to COVID 19, the AAREA 2020 Forum has been cancelled. All registrant fees will be returned.

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First Meeting
Tuesday, July 7th - Noon-1 pm

Cancelling the Forum was a disappointment, but with it came new ideas for connecting appraisers in Arizona.

For the first time it will be possible for all Arizona Appraisers to meet on a monthly basis without having to leave their home or office.

The AAREA Board decided at its last Board meeting to use ZOOM to offer monthly meetings where issues affecting appraisers can be discussed in an open forum and speakers on appraisal issues can be heard.

Click here to register for the upcoming meeting!
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TAF-ASB-AQB Reports on Effect of COVID 19 on Appraisers - 4/3/2020
The Appraisal Foundationhas prepared a comprehensive Q & A along with links to further resources.

The following is a brief summary of the Foundation Report, the ASB and AQB Reports:

o TAF will be open with staff tele-working
o Investigator Training is cancelled for this year.
o 90% of real estate transactions are not covered under TitleXI of FIRREA and the Foundation has asked for a study by the GAO (Government Accountability Office)
o John Brennan, VP of Appraisal Issues, is leaving after 16 years. (We will miss him)
o Lisa Desmarais will be taking John's position. Lisa has served on the ASB and is a Certified Residential Appraiser.
o The First Draft of the 2022-23 USPAP is out and the period for comments has been extended to April 30th.
o AAREA will be putting out a survey on the proposed changes, some of which are significant.
* Proposal to do away with the report label of "Appraisal"
* Adding a definition of Evaluation
* Questions on "significant appraisal assistance" and whether disclosure is required when done by someone who is not an appraiser
* Should the definition of "personal inspection" be broader?

O The AQB is recommending the ASC allow classroom CE to be converted to Synchronous education delivery (like Zoom) during the COVID crisis. 7 Hr USPAP could be delivered this way.
O AQB encourages a 90 day rolling extension for license renewals during the crisis (AAREA has asked DFI to let us know if they will)
O See USPAP 2020-21 discussion in AO-2 regarding use of extraordinary assumptions when preparing a report where interior was not inspected.

Click her for link to the TAF Q & A on COVID 19 & how it may impact appraisers.
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AAREA was founded to improve the appraisal profession, the professionalism of appraisers and to support and represent our members.
AAREA is working for the appraiser with special emphasis on the Arizona appraiser.

We are not funded by lenders or AMCs.

If you are not a member, please join and contribute in giving appraisers a voice.

Membership is open to any certified, licensed appraiser, or trainee.

Why Join AAREA?

There are many good reasons to join the Arizona Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

Here are a few:

1.  By joining AAREA you support the largest Arizona appraisal organization/  We are broad based and include trainees, licensed, certified residential and certified general whose sole purpose is to represent Arizona appraisers, many of whom belong to other appraisal organizations with other focuses.

2.  AAREA stands up for the rights of appraisers both nationally and in Arizona.

3.  AAREA is not geographically based, but includes appraisers throughout the state and listens to what appraisers say through our surveys.  We give appraisers a voice!

4.  AAREA keeps you posted on changes at the Department of Financial Institutions or Arizona Legislature that affect tArizona Appraisers.

5.  AAREA keeps up with what is going on and the threats to our profession, whether it is from outside forces or in the modification of USPAP or appraisal qualifications.  We keep you informed.

6.  We analyze and report any changes in appraisal standards that are proposed by the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) and take surveys of your opinions. 

7.  AAREA also provides appraisers with resources for appraisal questions through our Peer Review Committee where you can ask questions and have appraisals reviewed without violating the Ethics Rule of USPAP.

8.  AAREA has a designation program that gives appraisers the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to quality appraisals and earn the DRA Designation.

9.  AAREA offers financial benefits such as the Office Depot discount card.

10.   The cost of AAREA membership ($25) is the discount that is applied to the Forum registration fee.

Click on the link below to become an AAREA member.