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Membership Benefits & Committees
Membership Benefits
1. AAREA is Arizona based. We are not controlled by a national association that may or may not have a separate agenda. It is of and for Arizona Appraisers.
2. Currently membership is free.
3. No requirements for meetings or committee assignments.
4. You can have a voice even if you live outside of the Phoenix area. Your voice will be heard through surveys and your input via emails and comments.
5. DRA Designation progam available.
6. Discounts at AAREA Classes,
7. Help with Clients: AAREA can make the calls for you to people who have not paid you.
8. Resource: AAREA is a resource -- a place to contact for information and to connect with appraisers who can answer your appraisal questions.
9. PEER REVIEW COMMITTEE: The peer review committee, established in 2014, is there to help you improve your reports. It is there to review your reports prior to submittal to the Arizona Board of Appraisal with an application for licensure. It is there to help you through the Complaint process should a Complaint be filed against you.

Board Members
David Thomas, MAA, DRA(Certified Residential)
Mark Glade,DRA Vice President (Certified Residential)
Jim O'Donnell, DRA Secretary (Certified Residential)
David Stone,IFA, DRA Treasurer (Certified General)
Joanna Conde,DRA President (Certified Residential)
Dan McKinnon, DRA(Licensed)
Mike Roedl, DRA (Certified
Tony Holzer,DRA (Certified Residential)
Steven Hobbs (Certified Residential)
Jared Rail, DRA (Certified Residential)
Michael Nelson, DRA (Certified Residential)
Terry Kelley (Certified Residential)

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List of Committees
We will be seeking members for new committees in the future.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Some of the Committees will be:

  • Conference
  • Newsletter
  • Fund Raising
  • Membership
  • Media
  • DRA Designation